visiting Fallingwater/Ketuck Nob

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visiting Fallingwater/Ketuck Nob

Post by MOman »

I will be visiting Fallingwater (for the second time) and the Kentucky Knob home for the first time this coming April 21st. Both are regular tours I have spaced aprx 2 and a half hours between the homes. Any hints or tips regarding seeing both of these homes on the same day? Thank you

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Post by jmcnally »

wear comfortable walking shoes, and have foul weather gear handy.

The travel time between the two homes is not bad. I have done both tours within the time frame you mention. I would recommend (although it's too late for you) to do Kentuck Knob first because the grounds to be wandered are smaller, and you will probably want to linger at Fallingwater. Fallingwater also has a more extensive gift shop, but at either location you can go to the shops before or after the tour, or even without a tour ticket. In other words, if you like gift shops, arrive early and kill time there.

If you like photography, there are excellent opportunities for exterior shots. Interior photos are prohibited at both when doing the standard tour. It is easier to circle the Kentuck Knob house; Fallingwater's location in the hillside means you have access to only two-thirds or three-quarters of the exterior. Explore the outbuildings, though - guest house, reflecting pools, garage.

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Post by Sequoia »

They are both very enjoyable tours. Being a flatlander the distance between the two seems short on a map, but leave plenty of time. The last time I went I stopped at the falls inbetween to soak up some nature.

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Post by egads »

When we went we stayed at a local B&B that was very close to Fallingwater. That allowed us to make the in depth tour that is only available mornings. That tour does allow indoor photography. We had planned to do Kentuck Knob the day before, but circumstances kept us in Pittsburg an extra day. Kentuck was gracious in allowing a change in our reservation. So we did do both in the same day. At Kentuck, one takes a shuttle up to the house but you can elect to walk back down to the parking area. This is well worth it as the sculpture spread out along the way is spectacular. So is the view from the bluff directly out from the house.

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Post by ScottCLE »

My appointment of 11am for Kentuck Knob and 2pm for Falling Water worked out well. It gave me an opportunity to take a walk through the woods at Kentuck Knob before and after the tour. I suggest doing the same if you have the time.

The next time I go I am going to schedule in a time to visit Polymath park. It looks to be about 40 minutes away.
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Post by jmcnally »

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is amazing that two distinctive homes are near each other and open for tours.

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Post by dtc »

Can you imagine what it would have been like to tour Fallingwater back in the late 30's on a weekend that Mr. Kaufmann, Mrs. Kaufmann, and perhaps Edgar jr. were there? To experience the home and grounds as they were designed.
The original clients casually spending time in their get away weekend country home.
To walk through those spaces without strangers crossing the bridge, folks strolling on the living room terrace, others on Mrs. Kaufmann's terrace...hearing conservations from behind, from your flank and ahead.
As informative and focused as the paid tours are... a tour with the Kaufmann's had to have been a special experience. Folks who have toured some of the late usonians with the original clients I'm sure can attest to.
Perhaps some friends and or associates of the Kaufmann's would be in residence at the guest house, sun bathing, taking a dip...It would have been a treat for sure. No visitor center, gift shop and parking lot. Nothing to interrupt
and distract from the main attraction... the house. So do enjoy the experience and try to stay focused by ignoring what can be seen in you peripheral vision.

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