Architects for a Contemporary Usonian Home?

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Architects for a Contemporary Usonian Home?

Post by newusonian »

I am interested in selecting an architect to design a contemporary, yet traditional, Usonian home. I am a longtime amateur student of Mr. Wright's organic architecture, and I am interested in building a home in the Usonian style with approximately 2,000 square feet. I am aware of such architects as Michael Rust and Gustad Irani. Any information about these architects or other architects would be sincerely appreciated.

A Usonian Dreamer

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Post by Collinst3 »

Michael Rust designed our home (see his website--under Collins) and was easy to work with, designed both the structure and the built-ins and was able work with our builder as needed. He and I also worked out a way for him to send early plans in a CAD format so we could make changes quickly and efficiently.

I like the fact that you are keeping the home around 2000 sguare feet--I tried to keep ours small, but my wife keep making our bedroom larger. Stay discipled, keep the home small and spend your money on the detials and design. You will not be sorry. We love our home and marvel in the way it makes us feel everyday.

Email me directly at if you have any other questions.
Tony Collins
FLW addiction recently fed by building a wright-inspired ranch designed by former senior Taliesin Fellow.

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New Usonian house

Post by dkottum »

We have done something similar and offer this. Do not think of the Usonian house as a style, but as an idea. Think of FLLW's organic architecture as a means of achieving this Usonain idea. Do not think of a house as a series of boxes as rooms, but as shelter with spaces for your own lifestyle. As small as possible, and then even smaller. Think of outdoor living space, and unite indoors and out.

The site is more important than the building. Get away from the crowds. Find a dramatic building site with bold natural features, and a falling landscape with a southerly view. Look about this site for clues as to building materials, as though they may be gathered up and used to build, but do not disturb them. Don't look into the site to admire it, but stand there and look out in all directions. No freeways or feedlots. Let this site determine your floorplan and character. You will not need FLLW decoration to style your house. Or any other.

Have traditional elements. A large fireplace and living space for the family to gather, eat, and live. Small but comfortable bedrooms and baths. Avoid media rooms, family rooms, and such that separate the family. Use sturdy materials and furnishings so that you may actually live everywhere in the house.

That is close to the Usonian idea. Now find a designer who can do this for you. Develope a FLLW organic idea rather than a style.

Doug Kottom, Battle Lake, Minnesota

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Post by RJH »

You just desribed my house!

D. Shawn Beckwith
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additional architects

Post by D. Shawn Beckwith »

I would also like to suggest that you contact Dave Vottero at Schooley Caldwell Associates in Columbus, Ohio. Dave has a penchant for Usonian architecture and is currently working on saving the first usonian style house attributed to the architect Van Fossen who designed the usonian community in Worthington, Ohio. Dave was also one of the leed architects for the Westcott House restoration

Dave Vottero AIA

Schooley Caldwell Associates

300 Marconi BLVD

Cols, Oh 43215


D. Shawn BEckwith

The Durable Slate Company

Pjt. Manager Westcott House renovation

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Post by Wrightgeek »


Please check your Private Messages when you have a chance, as I sent you a message re: the Van Fossen house you mentioned in the previous post.


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