Photos of Ben Rebhuhn house

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Post by Brent »

There is one picture of it in Storrer's FLW Compainion, S.240 pg 252

Im from Huntington Long Island, can anyone give me the actual Address of this Home, Ill take pictures., or MstngBullitt1968 on AIM...


Post by Guest1 »

Just Registered, but Haven't received that E-mail yet, so I gotta make this post as a Guest still

Just wanted to explain that im a College Student, Studying Architecture, and I am absolutely in love with Wrights Work... so its not like im some kinda Murderer or Some Stalker... I spent a day looking for this house last time i was home, couldn't find it... I have Break in a few days and will be back on Long Island, and I cant think of anything that would be more amazing then to get to see this house for real... even if its not one of FLW's Greats... just to be at a home he designed would be phenomenal





Post by no-pain-in-the-ass »

Ben Rebhuhn residence:

Great Neck Estates, Myrtle Avenue and Magnolia Drive

(maybe this is 'old' information)


Post by Guest »

I saw the house about 1 year ago from the outside. Not one of FLW best. It looks like it also needs a lot of work. Wood is sagging in many places. You can easily see it from the street. Good luck. It is not that hard to find.


Post by rgrant »

Not sure I agree about that. This is a superb house that must be seen inside to appreciate fully. The plan is unlike most other Usonians, but the effect is quite surprising. There is a tiny corner to the balcony overlooking the living room that is a pure FLW as it gets.



Post by apboy2 »

The wife took a break from a business trip to NY and talked an old high school pal into driving her out to Great Neck Estates, where she made an image (can't honestly say "photograph") of Rebhuhn with her Palm Pilot's Eyemodule peripheral. It's as low-res as it gets but I'll ask her to post it here, for what it's worth.

ed jarolin

Post by ed jarolin »

There are 4 photos of this house in "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Houses".

Two exterior and two smallish interior shots.



Post by MrDonuts »

I live in the area, and I can say that the house isn't the most well known of FLW's houses. That being said, it's quite beautiful and recognizably FLW. I wouldn't suggest driving out to the house if you don't live nearby (especially since gas prices are so high nowadays!) because it IS a residential home and its not open to the public; I don't think the owners would appreciate people taking photos, and they probably wouldn't show you the interior. Last time I went to the local Barnes and Noble, I found a book which had some pictures (albeit small and poor quality) of the house, which is surprisingly since most FLW books don't show it. Not sure if it is "FLW: The Houses" as mentioned in the previous post, but next time I go I'll post the title/author for you.


Post by jackless »

you know it really doesn't matter if the owners appreciate one taking photos of their house or not, as long as one takes the photos from public property, or have the permission of the property owner where they stand to take the photos. as long as the photographer is not trespassing, either on the subject property or adjacent property, it really doesn't matter what the owner of the property thinks.

i was approached by the owner of a flw house to remove pictures of his house from a website. since the photos were taken legally as described above, i refused, since the photos were not being used for commercial gain.

this matter has be fought in the courts for years, but you have every right to take any photo in public you want. you might not have the right for commercial gain from the photo (or the image in the photo), but you can take it.

there are a lot of good web sites that explain the legal rights of photographers if you're interested.

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Post by fastball90 »

Thanks for the info jackess! Can you please take some photos of the Rebhuhn house??

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Post by MrDonutz »

Visited Barnes and Nobles. One book there seems to have the house, with a small exterior shot of the house. The book is Frank Lloyd Wright Field Guide, by Thomas A. Heinz. I think "The Houses" would have some information/photos on the house too, but cannot be sure.

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