eBay: Taliesin student drafting set - circa 1955

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Post by DRN »

I’d sure want a known former Taliesin Fellow to weigh in on the story of this item... is this how supplies were distributed; was this person a known staff member?

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Post by Tom »

Pricey stuff.

In addition they are showing a shop drawing for Fallingwater windows
which contains a note instructing fabricators to leave the mullion 'T' long for placement in parapet. Unsigned blueprint @ $9K

Also showing elevations for Fredrick House @ $19K - one sheet.

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Post by wjsaia »

I would say there are multiple questionable and problematic aspects that surround this offering.

No entity existed by the name of "THE SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AT TALIESIN" until August 2017.

There was no "MASTER PROGRAM," no "TALIESIN EAST [Spring Green, Wisconsin] ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT," no "class books," no "school year," and no formalized welcoming as suggested by this "signed dedication." To my knowledge the only person who might qualify as having performed accounting for the thirty-six years cited was not named Helen Kinkler (last name spelled "Kindler" in the eBay description). Possibly Rood would be in a position to confirm or correct this particular point.

Would one have believed it might add substantively to type the word "Architect"--in this case, "Architect - Education"--below Frank Lloyd Wright's signature on a document by which Wright purportedly was to formally welcome an incoming student to his school?

Perhaps the misspelling, "TALIENSIN," on the subject line of the letter can be forgiven, but can we give a pass to the use of the non-existent identification of Mr. Woods as "Master of Architecture and Nature Apprentice Student?"

Further on the typed word "ARCHITECT" under Wright's signature: compare its purported 1955 typewriting with another example on a different offering by this same seller. (On the eBay page, under Seller Information , click "See other items.") Here we find a purported May, 1928 signed letter from Wright to the Gables Beach Club in Santa Monica to request that his guests be admitted under his membership--guests ". . . as potential investors in a grand project I have designed in Santa Monica." The type on both the 1955 student dedication and the 1929 letter appear the same. In particular, the curious design of the capitalized "C" looks the same on each. Even the textured finish of the paper appears the same, as does that of the Feb. 2017 letter signed by a Helen Kinkler.

There is also found here offered that same dubious 1907 post-marked post card from Wright to Mrs. Clinton Walker.

http://wrightchat.savewright.org/viewto ... a0ccb954b5

And another post card, not previously seen, supposedly of 1928 from Wright to Mr. Storer that has curiosities similar to the others . . . and more . . . and more . . .


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Post by Thomas »

I have seen a couple of these sets, totally genuine, the signature is also genuine, I am a large collector of Frank Lloyd Wright signed items. I have also asked a good Friend of mine author on signatures to look it over, and told me that the signature is spot on. It's a little pricey for me. The value around $1800.

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Post by SDR »

Not every collector can be trusted to accurately assess items in their own collections...?


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Post by Thomas »

I went back and look at this seller pieces for sale, I love the Midway plates, but he is way overpriced for today's market.

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