For sale: Home by Theodore van Fossen - Great Falls, VA

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Post by jay »

"One person said it really well that it's just too heavy for this breezy sunny house." That's certainly an apt observation; many of the pieces are
surprisingly grand (though it's hard to get a sense of scale from the photographs).
I'm curious if the wall-to-wall carpet in the living room/master bedroom is original to the design? Because I'm imagining those furniture pieces laid over the bare red-concrete slab floor which we mostly see in TvF and Wright Usonians, and, to my mind, the heft of the custom-furniture probably would feel more balanced with exposed floors and area rugs.

There's some stuff we'd like to update a little but we don't want to take away from the character of the place.
Quite a few contributors to this site are Wright/TvF homeowners who have done wonderful projects/renovations/restorations in their homes, sensitively updating in areas like bathrooms and kitchens, etc. This website might not look like much, but there are invaluable resources here to tap.

For example, the user "Mod mom" and her husband have taken on a great project with restoring a nearly ruined TvF designed home.... Here's their flickr account: ... 3635/page1

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Post by Modmom1 »

Congratulations tvf4ever! Beautiful house!

My husband and I are currently restoring a 4 story tower, built in '64 by Ted as an office for the original owner of the property, Robert Gunning. The property known as Glenbrow/Gunning House was designed in 1940 by Tony Smith (age 27), Ted van Fossen and Laurence Cuneo (both 19 yo).

We also had the good fortunate of attending a tour of 3 residences on Saturday with folks from the FLW Westcott House of the landmark Rush Creek Village (nearly 50 homes designed by Ted located in Worthington OH). It was the first time I visited RCV's first home, The Wakefield House, that was recently restored after falling into disrepair and I have a beautiful example of Ted's work to share...perforated sliding panels-something I have never witnessed before in his work. ... yq80r5d32v

Best wishes!

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Post by Modmom1 »

tvf4ever...I would highly recommend keeping the furniture with the house but if storage is a must and you are worried about keeping it it in pristine condition and are considering selling, I can put you in contact with Rush Creek Village Owners Association to see if some of the homeowners would be interested in purchasing pieces. Not all houses have original furniture.

Also FYI my daughter found another VA TvF house that recently sold: ... me/9069730

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Post by SDR »

Oh, that's a honey---really one of the most suave, assured, and consistent van Fossen's yet.

A novelty here is the box wall fixtures placed on the windows, rather than between them or on another wall. It would be fine to see some night-time photos---inside and out !

Is there some Schindler here---a distilled and crisply rectangular Aalto-wood wonderland ? Look at the fenestration sets in bedrooms; the abstracted built-ins in the living spaces---and is that pale green a trick of the light, or paint ?

And--are those the great falls of Great Falls, VA ?


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Post by Paul Ringstrom »

Modmom1 wrote: Also FYI my daughter found another VA TvF house that recently sold: ... me/9069730
Really nice house! Did not know that TvF had houses outside of Ohio.
Owner of the G. Curtis Yelland House (1910), by Wm. Drummond

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