For sale: Possible apprentice home in Orangeburg, SC

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Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

The thing of it is, peter, you are taking all of this as some sort of attack on gays and support for racial insensitivity, when all I am stating is that the demographics of WeHo have changed, and very probably so have the demographics of SC.

Your sources of percentages seem inexact to me (and contradict each other). I know in my own neighborhood, the eastern panhandle, that the gay presence is hardly noticeable, mostly Russian immigrants.

Your implication that I would endorse racism or homophobia is off the mark. I have a grandniece with an African-American father, and a Hispanic-American nephew. The gay population of the family? I don't know. And that is often the case, isn't it?

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Post by peterm »

I implied nothing about your racism or homophobia. I was only pointing out the hypocrisy of chastising liberals and others who live in liberal areas while choosing to reside in one of the most liberal cities in the US.

It also is painfully obvious that you enjoy the benefits of the open minded culture which surrounds you, while supporting leaders of a political ideology that would gladly deny rights of those who are marginalized and not fortunate enough to live in a city like WeHo which proudly protects people’s rights and even their very existence.

loo tee
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Post by loo tee »

It very much seems that "Wright Chat" has gone to hell by way of being politicized -- like 98% of the rest of American life. Too bad.

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Post by SDR »

With respect, I don't think that's true. In the recent past there was a long-lived frankly political thread which began accidentally when a reader linked
to an article about the interior design of Donald Trump's Manhattan residence. Because of the circumstance of his candidacy for and election to the
Presidency, and what several readers (at least) perceived was a unique threat to the nation as a result, that thread had a place here which I don't
believe would have been tolerated -- by the site administration nor by some readers -- for nearly as long as it lasted, under more ordinary circum-

The threat has not passed by any means, but that thread has been abandoned, and its like will not be permitted again, here. Despite Wright Chat's
many other discussions, the presence of that one became a lightning rod for those readers who find such things distasteful, or perhaps threatening.

I don't think we have to fear outright free speech breaking out again any time soon, in any event, so unless the occasional spat cannot be tolerated
even momentarily, I suggest we overlook these rare incidents when they occur, and move on. If a long-time member chooses to insult another long-
time member, and that member chooses to respond, isn't that their business, and not ours ? Granted, insult and response might better be delivered
privately . . . but it is in our power to avert our gaze.


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Post by peterm »

With this reminder I will rest my case. MAGA and its leader are toxic, backwards and dangerous. ... index.html

I apologize to those I offend when expressing political viewpoints.

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