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for pharding

mister pharding

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mister pharding

how is work on costruction doing

do you tire of it ever, looks like hard

do you have internet place for photos

you good owner

sorry for my english

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We have photos at the following post below: Davenport House Construction Photos - 2.

Currently we are waiting for the heating contractor to install the heating ventillating and air conditioning system. We are also waiting for the arrival of second floor ceiling grilles. The ceiling grilles create a frameless plaster slot that is approximately 1 inch wide x approximately 60 inches long. The supply grilles are approximately 5 inches off of the outside wall and centered on window openings. When you walk into the second floor bedrooms the supply grilles will be barely visible. They will read as a fine line on the ceiling. The return grilles are 2 inches wide and will be located above the door on the ceiling as you enter the room. Within the supply slot is a cable that can drop down to control a really clever damper in the boot of the grille. All of the second floor ductwork has a 1 inch lining and is designed for very low velocity so the that HVAC system will be very quiet for the second floor bedrooms. The second floor HVAC unit is in the attic.

The ground floor is served by a basement HVAC unit. We are using the original 1901 floor grilles. We are adding several more 1901 floor grilles to give a more balanced air flow for the first floor.

As soon as this is completed we will have a security system installed. The balance of the electrical work will be completed. We will have conduit installed for the audio video system and a computer network. Then we will install mold resistant insulation. This insuation has a kraft paper face to allow the wall to breath without trapping moisture. We are not using a PVC vapor barrier. The house will be highly insulated to reduce the gas and electric bills. When those tasks are completed the rocklath will be installed, followed by the plaster work.

When the weather breaks in the spring the carpenters will swing back into the exterior to complete that work.

We are evaluating the costs to see if we can afford to do a stained cedar shingle roof like the house had originally.

Simultaneously with the above construction activities, we are doing samples of wall finishes and paint sytems to match the original finishes.

Am I tired of the project? No, I enjoy it immensely. Unfortunately I still need to also focus on running a 10 person architectural firm while this is going on. The mounting construction costs are a serious concern.
Paul Harding FAIA Restoration Architect for FLW's 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House, 1941 Lloyd Lewis House, 1952 Glore House | www.harding.com | LinkedIn

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