Wright Spirit Awards

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Wright Spirit Awards

Post by dtc »

For those of you who might not have heard, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building
Conservancy held their annual meeting in San Francisco this past week.

Congratulations is in order for one of our own Wright Chatters.
Peter and his wife Irmi Maunu received the "Wright Spirit Award" in the Private Category for their outstanding stewardship of the Jack Lamberson house.

With this very prestigious award, Peter and Irmi join a distinguished list of owners that have done what it takes to restore and maintain a structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

We pat you on your back, tip our hats, and applaud your numerous accomplishments on a superb restoration of Lamberson.

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Post by DRN »

Kudos to Peter and Irmi...it was also a pleasure to meet you both in person.

Another Chatter won a Wright Spirit Award: Bill Schwarz (wjsaia) for is decades long dedication (advocacy, design, and consultation) in keeping Wright's vision for Marin County Civic Center intact as the building navigates changing times and technologies. Christine and I enjoyed meeting Bill and Tricia his wife.
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Post by SDR »

Pat Manoney sends two of his Lamberson photos.



Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

Congratulations to Peter & Irmi, and Bill on their recognition by FLWBC.

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Post by SREcklund »

It was a pleasure meeting Peter and Irmi, and it's always a treat getting to hang out with Bill. I also have to put in a plug for our curator at Hollyhock House, Jeffrey Herr, who won for his oversight of our recent restoration. He also gets extra credit for the shortest speech of the evening ... :-)
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Post by pharding »

Kudos to Peter and Irmi for a job well done.
Paul Harding FAIA Restoration Architect for FLW's 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House, 1941 Lloyd Lewis House, 1952 Glore House | www.harding.com | LinkedIn

Paul Ringstrom
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Post by Paul Ringstrom »

In addition to the well-deserved recognition of the dedicated restoration efforts of Peter and Irmi was their fortunate decision to hire Stafford Norris III as their contractor.
Owner of the G. Curtis Yelland House (1910), by Wm. Drummond

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Post by peterm »

Thanks for the kind words and support!

And I can assure you, Paul, that a good chunk of my acceptance remarks focused on Stafford's contributions. In a certain sense, this is Stafford's second Spirit Award, since he did the restoration of the Malcolm Wiley house. Owners Steve and Lynette (Stafford's mother...) Sikora received the award a few years back.

There is still is a punch list ahead, but it gets shorter every season.

And many, many thanks to everyone at Wright Chat for their suggestions, critiques and input. What an amazing resource this place can be!

The conference was fun, informative, and we had the pleasure of visiting some stunning architecture along the way, most of it from the mid twentieth century.

The Cubs won, we received our award!... and then we also had an election.

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Post by SDR »

Yes -- well, we can't win them all, I suppose . . .

Many congratulations and best wishes from your sternest critic -- and grateful admirer. We all look forward to many years of vicarious pleasure in your accomplishment, Peter.


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Post by egads »

I remember when this started, with you two pulling up carpet and removing, on your hands & knees, glue and filler out of the struck lines on the floor. You have come a long way. Both hands on and money in. Congrats

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