R.I.P. Edgar Tafel 1912-2011

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Post by PNB »

I've taken many trips to Taliesin but my favorite memory is when I got to meet Edgar. He was very friendly and conversational. He told me I made him think of William Wesley Peters due to our similar sized frames and our straining to enter Wright spaces.

How fortunate to have experienced such a long rich life.

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Post by SDR »

Indeed. We can share a bit of that life, because he took the trouble to put down on paper his recollections.

Thanks for sharing your recollections, too !


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Post by KevinW »

http://www.dispatchmarketinginc.com/eRe ... fault.aspx

It is a rather dubious honor when the headline of your own obituary only mentions the guy you trained with..

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Obituary Posted in NYTimes Jan 21, 2011

TAFEL--Edgar A. Died at home January 18 at age 98. From 1932 to 1941 Edgar was an original member of Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Fellowship; he is the last survivor. While there he served as project architect for Fallingwater, Johnson Wax and Wingspread among many others. He was principal of his own highly creative architectural practice in New York from 1945 to 1986 that produced many churches and synagogues, college buildings and houses. Known for his sharp wit and acerbic commentary, Edgar authored two books on Frank Lloyd Wright. He was also active in community affairs, serving on his local community planning board
as well as being President of the Washington Square Association. He was a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and an Associate of the National Academy of Design. He will be missed by his cousin Joan Scott, his loving caregiver Lerna Gillett and her entire family, his devoted physician Dr. Jerry Clements, and his close friends Robert and Roberta Silman, as well as the entire architectural community to which he gave so much. A memorial service is planned for early February at the Center for Architecture.

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Post by pharding »

Jeff Myers wrote:I just got word Edgar Tafel has passed away, Tuesday January 18,2010
http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/nytime ... ed86f7%2C1
The year is 2011. RIP our friend.
Paul Harding FAIA Restoration Architect for FLW's 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House, 1941 Lloyd Lewis House, 1952 Glore House | www.harding.com | LinkedIn

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Post by Jeff Myers »

Thanks for pointing that out Paul, I do apologize, I keep putting things as 2010, by February I will have it down to 2011.. I have edited my original post.
Jeff T

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A fine person

Post by D. Shawn Beckwith »

Mr. Tafel, a fine person. I have many newspaper clippings from the East Hampton Star that Nancy Boyd Willey sent me in the late 1980's and early 1990's when She and Mr. Tafel would give public lectures at the Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY and speak about Mr. Wrights influence on both and how Cousin Nan and Mr. Tafel formed such a lasting relationship with each other over the creation of the Willey House. His contributions to increasing our quality of life will be enjoyed by all who experience the creations he was involved in. God Bless.

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Post by Mark Hertzberg »

"It is a rather dubious honor when the headline of your own obituary only mentions the guy you trained with.."

A business newspaper in Milwaukee made up for this.

The Associated Press moved several photos I took of Edgar (one in Racine, the rest at his home in New York) on the national wire. The paper ran the Racine photo, taken outside the SCJ Administration Building, under a headline that Tafel, the architect of that building, had died. They corrected it after I saw that and called.

Mark Hertzberg
Mark Hertzberg

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Post by DavidC »

Some of the current 'non-living' apprentices might take umbridge with how the author of this article places Tafel in the lineage of Wright's apprentices:

Frank Lloyd Wright's last apprentice dies aged 98


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Post by RonMcCrea »

Edgar was a salty dog who maintained a lively interest in women well into his old age. I learned this first-hand when I introduced him to my wife! He was a delightful character.

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Mr. Tafel on Wright in Racine

Post by mdgraham »

Thank you for both the post above and the NY Times obituary.

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Post by DavidC »

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Post by m.perrino »

david : thanks for that posting. the part about the review board brought a tear to my eye. So in character for FLW who had a special fondness for Edgar, who was loyal to FLW of course, but independent and dedicated to the cause of organic architecture....

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One of the best moments in the Ken Burns documentary is Edgar Tafel's remembrance of Wright's meeting with Kaufmann regarding Fallingwater:


Great storytelling...

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