Hollyhock living room in "Finest Rooms" book

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Hollyhock living room in "Finest Rooms" book

Post by DavidC »

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Post by CEP »

please excuse a bit of horn tooting but a few of us chat room members had significant roles in turning around the living room at HH as it now sits, largely as volunteers in the 80s with the blessing, guidence and support of curator Ginny Kazor.
Roderick Grant tackled the enormous task of providing the measured drawings for the living room sofa/end table/lighting tower arrays and also handled the indirect lighting layout restoration.
I was involved in researching and helping with verification of the original wall & ceiling color schemes for the living room, loggia and dining room areas and for the living room carpet which also extends into the music room/loggia and sitting niche. I also painted all of the Nile green & bronze ceiling surfaces and added additional treatments to much of the gold wall surfaces as well. Additionally, at Rod's suggestion of where to look, I found the only sizable intact example of the original gold paint used throughout the house (there were lots of small, broken plaster samples but seeing it 'whole' took it to another level entirely).
Peter Reidy has been a tireless supporter of the house - a peerless docent and ardent booster, always available and present at fundraisers, lectures, special events.

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Post by Wrightgeek »

Congrats to all those involved in bringing this beautiful space back to its original glory. It was obviously a labor of love for all of you, and having seen the results in person, I can only say that your efforts were very worthwhile.

Fans of FLW, as well as the citizens of Los Angeles, should all be grateful. Nice job!

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Post by DivineWright »

That isn't horn tooting, CEP, that's giving credit where it is due. The living room is breathtaking in photos but it is something very special to experience in person. Congratulations to all!

Now, if I could only find a way to contact you to assist with verification of the original wall and ceiling colors in my Los Angeles LW home.

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Post by Macrodex »

There's still one missing piece from the Hollyhock living room -- and I cannot find the picture again showing it -- but, there was a drape hung on the ceiling covering the skylight over the fireplace. At least, when I visited last year it wasn't there.

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Post by SDR »

I've seen that in a photo, too. It always looked like an afterthought, to me . . .


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Post by Reidy »

Wright designed a rooftop canopy over the skylight, to let light in from the sides but not the top. The builders omitted it, making the living room a solar oven in summer and a rainspout in winter. The curtain that shows in old photos was a partial remedy for this. Lloyd Wright, in one of his restorations, put the canopy in, and the curtain is no longer necessary.

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

There's still a lot missing in the living room, 10 brass-framed, frosted glass light fixtures, a brass repousse fireplace screen on firedogs, gold highlights in the overmantle, sheer curtains and wood trim on the original chairs.

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Post by CEP »

DivineWright - not sure I'd be the appropriate person for your task. my involvement was primarily in research and project assistance. the late Martin Weil did the microscopic analysis of the paint colors and their elemental properties. we were lucky in that there was abundant published written description, as well as project specs (and of course physical samples) to guide our way. I'd suggest reaching out to Eric Wright for help with your Lloyd Wright project. additionally, I believe the Getty now houses the Lloyd Wright archives and there would likely be written documentation for your particular house.

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Post by peterm »

Divine Wright-

Would you mind me asking which Lloyd Wright house is your residence?

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