Wright in the movies

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Wright in the movies

Post by goffmachine »

Has anyone compiled the list of films in which Mr. Wrights houses appear in film?
I know I saw the Guggenheim in "Breakfast at tiffanys" and "Men in black". and also Ennis house in "Blade runner" and "Black rain". and also a "Ricky martin music video". oh and a very old movie from 1937??? "The Black Cat"?
and another wright house in texas in the movie "Bottle rocket".
can anyone remember any others or know for sure of the others???
This is my challenge to you.
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Post by Wrightgeek »

After gleaning through all of the responses to this thread, here is the updated listing of the FLW building movie scenes, not inclusive of TV mentions or mock-up settings for movie use. Please feel free to correct this listing as needed.

So here we go:

Gillen Residence
Bottle Rockets

Marin County Civic Center

Guggenheim Museum
The International
Breakfast AT Tiffanny's
Someone To Watch Over Me

Ennis Residence
Black Rain
Blade Runner
House On Haunted Hill
Day Of The Locust
Karate Kid III
The Glimmer Man
The Replacement Killers
Rush Hour
The Thirteenth Floor
Grand Canyon
The Terminal Man

Arch Oboler Residence

Hollyhock Residence
Cannibal Women In The Avocado Jungle Of Death

Walker Residence
A Summer Place

Willets Residence
Wierd Science
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Post by FTA »

From Wikipedia:
Use in film productions

Front view from the north

interior hallway
The building's exotic design made it an appealing location for Hollywood filmmakers.
Although used as a shooting location as early as 1933 (Female), the house first acquired morbid fame providing the exterior facade for the House on Haunted Hill, a 1959 B movie. The 1975 film The Day of the Locust made extensive use of the house as a private residence, but it was in 1982's Blade Runner that the house gained a popularity of its own among moviegoers, even though only the main character's arrival at the motor court was actually shot at the Ennis House. Its exterior also appears as "The Mansion" occupied by Angelus, Spike, and Drusilla in the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.[6]
Sections of the cathedral reminiscent interior, especially the elevated dining room and fireplace, have appeared in over a dozen films including The Karate Kid, Part III revealing the view of downtown Los Angeles, Black Rain, The Glimmer Man, The Replacement Killers, Rush Hour substituting for a floor of a Hong Kong skyscraper, and The Thirteenth Floor.
The house has also been used as a location for commercials, fashion magazine shoots and music videos, including 3T's "Why" featuring Michael Jackson. S Club 7's video for the single "Have You Ever" shows the band members living an everyday life in the house.
Impressed by the house, filmmakers either recreated original elements of the Ennis House on sound stage sets or vaguely imitated these as in Predator 2. After shooting the exterior scene on location for Blade Runner the interior of Deckard's apartment was created at Warner Brothers. In the case of The Rocketeer sections of the Ennis House were recreated in detail, including the patterned art glass, on a studio set. The Rocketeer went as far as adding an upper floor. On a smaller scale, tile casts of the block relief ornamentation were used for the Club Silencio doorframe in Mulholland Drive.
A cartoon representation is featured in South Park as the base of a Chinese gang in the episode "Wing", satirizing the popular association of the Ennis House with criminal and/or Asian characters in films.
Because the house is situated in a densely populated neighborhood tensions have arisen over the years in regard to film production crews, as well as the streams of tourists and restoration construction workers.
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mama K
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Post by mama K »

I seem to recall, in the movie Manhattan, a discussion on derivatives, in the Guggenheim, between Woody Allen and his 17 yr old girlfriend.

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Post by Craig »

"A Summer Place," 1960, featured the Walker house in Carmel as the New England beach house of an architect. Many great exterior shots with a stylized "Wrightian" interior that was created in the studio.

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Post by DavidC »

Wrightgeek wrote:I do not know the name of the film made at the Arch Obeler property; something with the word "five" in it?
You've got it. "Five" is the name of the (dreadful) film shot in and around 'Eleanor's Retreat' on the Oboler property.


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Post by Reidy »

Oboler also wrote and maybe produced Five. The house was in Twilight, with Paul Newman, Susan Sarandon and James Garner among others. The same movie also featured Lautner's Wolff house and the house Cedric Gibbons, chief of design at MGM, designed for himself and his wife, Dolores del Rio (who may have been more beautiful than Garbo, though not as famous).

Some other Ennis appearances are Grand Canyon, Black Rain, The Rocketeer (a full-size mockup, actually), The Thirteenth Floor and various videos, commercials and TV shows. The block pattern apppears in Beverly Hills Cop 2, an Indian soap opera and an early Belmondo gangster movie. Willits was in Weird Science and the Guggenheim in Someone to Watch Over Me. Hollyhock was in Devil Women of the Avocado Jungle, a camp adventure comedy with Bill Maher in a role he'd probably like to forget, and at least one department-store commercial.

An interior mockup of the Imperial Hotel was in For the Boys.

And while we're at it, the house in North by Northwest was not by Wright.

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

Reidy, that would be "Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death" (1989), which starred Shannon Tweed and Adrienne Barbeau.

A movie that showed off Ennis handsomely at night (dining room and gallery, mostly) is George Segal's chilling "The Terminal Man" (1974). On television, the block pattern of Ennis seems to pop up all over the place, including "Beauty and the Geek" and "Big Brother." From remnants of the "Blade Runner" set, Gus Brown fashioned a dog house for his pinschers.

goffmachine, "The Black Cat" is the title of a 1934 movie with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, and a 1941 movie starring the ineffable Broderick Crawford, plus Basil Rathbone and the aforementioned Bela Lugosi. Which one?

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Post by Reidy »

It was the Karloff/Lugosi movie. To judge from the stills I've seen, it only showed a distance shot, and that may not have been the real thing.

A model of the Ennis entry side was in Female, 30s or 40s.

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Post by Craig »

The same movie also featured Lautner's Wolff house
I don't have my books with me right now but I know that wasn't the Wolff house. It was one of the two that were built side by side, one being the Polin (sp?) and the other whose name escapes me.

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Post by Mobius »

In fact most of the footage from Bladerunner is NOT shot in the Ennis house. From memory only about 2 minutes of it is "genuine Ennis".

The producers along with Riddley Scott, were allowed to create casts of the concrete blocks, and from these fibreglass version were created, and the sets were constructed from these.There were a few iterations of Deckard's apartment before they settled on the "Wright" one. :)
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Post by jim »

I just checked my Ennis slides and they are September 1989. I just happened by Ennis and a film was being shot...in the master bedroom. I walked up with a (good) camera around my neck and the guard welcomed me in. I had the run of the place (except I kept clear of where the action was) for as long as I wanted. Never paid any attention to which film was being shot, but have always been curious to see the results. Spatially, the house is a knockout.

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Post by archfan »

Probably not a complete list, but this is what imdb.com has for some of the houses mentioned in the thread:

Ennis-Brown House - 2655 Glendower Avenue, Los Feliz, Los Angeles, California, USA

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 TV Series)
2. Blade Runner (1982)
3. Twin Peaks (1990 TV Series)
4. Predator 2 (1990)
5. House on Haunted Hill (1959)
6. Rush Hour (1998)
7. The Thirteenth Floor (1999)
9. The Karate Kid, Part III (1989)
10. The Rocketeer (1991)
11. Black Rain (1989)
12. The Replacement Killers (1998)
14. Grand Canyon (1991)
15. The Glimmer Man (1996)
16. The Day of the Locust (1975)
17. Moon 44 (1990)
18. Fallen Angels (1993 TV Series)
19. Timestalkers (1987 TV Movie)
20. The Terminal Man (1974)
21. Blood Ties (1991 TV Movie)
22. Female (1933)
23. Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003 Documentary)
24. Thousand Pieces of Gold (1991)
25. House of Frankenstein (1997 TV Movie)

* Gaps are from movies filmed in Ennis, Montana

Hollyhock House, Barnsdall Art Park - 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, California, USA
1. Dirty Love (2005)
2. Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989)

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - 1071 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

1. Men in Black (1997)
2. The International (2009)
3. Manhattan (1979)
4. Three Days of the Condor (1975)
5. Hamlet (2000)
6. Cremaster 3 (2002)
7. Die Baroness und das Guggenheim (2004 Documentary)
8. Summer of Decision (1959 TV Movie)

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

The TV series "Ironside" with Raymond Burr was set in San Francisco, but in a 1972 episode, "The Deadly Gamesmen," guest actor Noel Harrison (Rex's son) lived in a Moorish-styled house on Hollywood Blvd near Laurel and guest Scott Marlowe lived in Ennis.

"Someone To Watch Over Me" (1987) starring Tom Berringer and Mimi Rogers had a party scene in Guggenheim. If I remember correctly, someone was shot and fell from high up on the ramp to the floor below, accompanied, as is Hollywood's wont, by the shrill scream of a woman.

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Post by SDR »

Edgar Ulmer's 1934 "The Black Cat" with Karloff and Lugosi contains no images of modern architecture except those designed for the movie, which is set in an unnamed middle-European country. The one long shot of the house on a hill at night shows a vaguely Bauhaus/International form with plain surfaces and long bands of glass. The house has a sliding front door with a rotary combination lock (!)

Karloff plays the house's architect, with the almost-historic name Hjalmar Poelzig.


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