Parkwyn Village ~ McCartney Residence for Sale

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Post by peterm »

Congratulations! And please know that we are all very interested in seeing whatever you want to share with us. I am so glad that you plan on doing an accurate restoration. It is a fantastic house, and perhaps one of the sharpest razor edged designs to come out of Taliesin.

Good luck!

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Post by DRN »

Congratulations and welcome to Wright Chat. I'm glad the McCartney house has found a preservation minded new owner. Please share your experiences with us "Chatters" as you work on the house. My wife and I are gradually restoring a 1950 Wright house here in NJ, and we've found through this chat board that Wright's houses of the various eras of his career often share construction details...please use us as a resource...the more knowledge that is shared, the better for the preservation of all.

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Post by Wrighter »

So glad the house has found sympathetic owners. Congratulations! I think the view from on the hill, looking down at the master bedroom, with the finger of its roof almost touching the ground, is one of the most beautiful sights in all of Wright's work. Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress.

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Post by John »

Congratulations, J Meyer!
It's a wonderful house that needs TLC.
Sounds as though it has found the right caretaker.
Good Luck.
Please keep us informed.

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9 month update

Post by J.Meyers »

McCartney undoing of the previous owner has begun. Items that were completed this past summer:
1. plantings, trees, shrubs all Lowe's purchased were donated and or composted.
2. pea-stone walk, landscape edge gone!
3. red dyed mulch landscaping gone.
4. treated 4x6 edging gone.
5. cheap steel edging gone.
6. 28" Birch tree at n.w. corner cut and split to be burned in tulikivi. Tree killed by previous owner. His crew buried from the base approx. 48" of soil which is a no-no and killed the beauty. It will provide 2 winters of heat.
7. 900 retaining block (Lowe's cheap-o's) were removed from the west wing and were donated to Acme tree service and Gerome in plainwell for raised bed planters. Gone.
8. 12" thick red dyed concrete patio that was installed along west wing? approx. 50 tons was removed. Partially re-used as dripline drainage and the balance transported to the concrete crusher. Gone!
9. Faux drainage boxes in concrete slab removed.
10. Concrete steps to upper concrete slaps. Gone!
11. Upper concrete slaps hammered into manageable pieces and off to conc. crusher. Gone?
12. Water fall / fountain. donated...Gone!
13. Rear west hill area was excavated to match site plan page 1, final grading and low grow fescue to be planted in spring 2013.
14. Entire edge of building footprint was excavated down and soil removed that was up against hand cast usonian block walls. A Cor-Ten 3" x 3/16" thick steel edge offset was installed with welded in place mitered corners and re-rod stakes welded in place for alignment. A erosion mat material was placed in trench and 1" crushed stone lines the top. Very clean looking and 100% dripline drainage protection. A must see.
15. Mr. Slim A.C. Mitsubishi Ductless unit was removed from west wall and interior east soffit in main living area. Removed. Un-certain to be re-installed. Made it thru 100 degree temps. this past summer.
16. Additional faux landscape lights, water fountain at entry all donated.
17. Original (incomplete) sets of plans were preserved in a Cypress hand made picture frame with a UV protected copy of the Sheet #1 placed on the front of the preserved front face of the plans.
18. Work on Bathroom #1 restore all in-kind: orginal tub removed (restored in 80's) and replaced, new 4" plain simple tile walls, new shower valve, new frameless shower doors.
19. In-floor heat below the tub area in bathroom #1 was exposed from original bulld-out and was discovered when original tub was removed. In-floor heat is 100% perfect, impeccable.
20. Interior work thru the winter; shelves in bedrooms per the plans will be fabricated and installed. Rewire all existing lights, receptacles, and provide proper loading to circuits, grounded receptacles and GfCI's. Analysis of all the zones / loops in the in-floor heat system, label, and review for proper zoning / thermostats of bedrooms and bathroom.
21. A Tulikivi was installed in front of the existing (inefficient) fireplace opening. Some people may frown on this but there were zero alterations to the existing structure. We see it as an additional mid-century "object" that has square clean flat lines. If burned twice a day (1-2 hrs) will provide 50% - 75% of our heat and possible install a water jacket to loop into the floors and or heat the domestic supply.
22. 2013 projects, 1. Main work space: upper roof, skylights, electrical, insulate, drainage restore. Ward and son Biff added an additional block to workspace to raise the height of the boiler flue that kept blowing out on windy days back in the 50's and 60's. That may be removed along with bubble skylights, pvc venting & excessively tall chimney flues. The roof was altered back in the 70's so water would to the perimeter. This has contributed to the water flowing down the face of the block (freeze / thaw). Boiler will be removed and replaced and hung in the boiler area were the water heater was designed to be hung. Water heater will be removed and the domestic supply will be achieved by the boiler and a heat exchanger. If time is permitted hand casting of blocks or contracted to local block plant for wall rebuilding and or selective block removal and replacement. All NP1 that was placed in the block joints will be meticulously removed by hand and a color correct duct pointing of the joint will be installed vs. elastomeric's that promote the standing water and deterioration of the block.

Much more than what is listed above has been completed and planned. Hoping that the 2013 FLLW Meeting in GR will include a day trip to Parkwyn Village to view completed work and see work in process.

Preserving the McCartney house for the next 63 years!

McCartney - Meyers

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Re: Parkwyn Village ~ McCartney Residence for Sale

Post by J.Meyers »

Good Evening my FLLW friends,
Great news I am pleased to be posting this evening to show the Tulikivi soapstone masonry heater (wood) that I installed shortly after purchasing... As I described & responded to numerous forum followers the unit was a non-invasive and non permanent unit. The photos I will attach show the 6 hour 100% complete removal with zero damage to anything.
Thank You
McCartney - Meyers

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Re: Parkwyn Village ~ McCartney Residence for Sale

Post by DRN »

Great to hear from you John, it’s been a while. Thanks again for opening your home to the Grand Rapids FLWBC Conference tours.
I look forward to seeing how the soapstone stove is assembled/disassembled.

This is a link to another McCartney thread: ... ey#p108709

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