Parkwyn Village ~ McCartney Residence for Sale

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Post by jhealy »

I just looked at what Zillow shows the value of this house to be. I know, Zillow is not ultimate authority, but it gives you some idea. Zillow shows the value of this house to be $148,000. Obviously, it does not take into account that it is by Wright. There is a non-Wright house for sale on Taliesin Dr., just down the road, for $142,500 - that house is 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2,300 square feet. If that house sells, given its larger size, it would presumably even lower the Zillow estimate for McCartney.

If you go by pharding's 20% rule, McCartney might sell at around $177,000, which would result in a big loss to the seller given his/her purchase price (as shown on Zillow). That seems low for a Wright house, but keep in mind that Lamberson and Haynes have gone for prices like that in better real estate markets.


Education Professor
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Post by Education Professor »

I do hope that McCartney finds a responsible steward very soon. It is an interesting design based upon the Maginel Wright Barney cottage project. A final unrealized version of the cottage was the Lovness Cottage C design.

Personally, I think the Howard Anthony home in Benton Harbor, MI, is a richer realization/ interpretation of the Wright Barney cottage than McCartney, especially in terms of the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials that were used. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of Anthony to post.

Wright Barney Cottage project:

Lovness Cottage C project:


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Post by Deke »

I'll make the same proposal here that I made when Lamberson was for sale...let's get a group together and buy it as a time-share.


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Post by SDR »


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Post by peterm »

SDR- Do you know what year the photos are from?

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Post by SDR »

No, I'm afraid not. The exterior is in C Besinger's book; the second was provided by a WC reader whose identity I can't now recall. Anyone ? It's reminiscent of the naturally-lighted photos of Y Futagawa, isn't it.


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Post by BBuck »

As much as I love this house and the potential it presents, there's still the economy of it all that plays it's role. Perhaps this is why it remains on the market? Poor marketing, mysterious and lack of information.

Moving it, albeit an attractive option, would be silly and costly. It is planted firmly in that ground and wrong to move it.

I looked into a teaching opportunity in Kalamazoo currently available. One year, low salary- no benefits and only a one year contract subject to a renewal. Can't bank on that and a move from warm to cold would be difficult. Then there's the disconnect from my family, my few clients and anything I've been able to build on a local level.

As I've said before, it's a dynamic space. Someone with more resources should snap it up.

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Post by Education Professor »

SDR...thanks for posting the images of Anthony....I especially like the exterior photo from Besinger's book.

BBuck, I agree with your sentiments.....hopefully the right fit of resources and respect for Wright's work will emerge soon.


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Post by Roderick Grant »

As handsome as McCartney and Anthony are, as with most of FLW's designs, the first iteration for Maginel is still the best. It's an idea that is complete in every way, while the later renditions are almost overwrought. Maginel = lyrical; McCartney = classical; Anthony = baroque. Too bad Maginel didn't follow through and build her brother's masterpiece. Even the heavier Lovness version would be great.

I believe the cottage is one of the Top Ten Unbuilt Projects, 1930-1959 on Geiger's list.

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Post by Education Professor »

Well said, Roderick.........


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Post by FTA »

Re relocation of McCartney house ...

The relocation of Pope (twice!) was mentioned. The Stockman house (Mason City) was relocated to save it ... my recollection is that it did not share its original orientation at the new location.

Of course, the Exhibition House was disassembled and we all know what became of that "disaster."

The Little house (Wayzata, MN) was demolished and the Living Room reassembled in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC). A similar scenario with the lobby of the Imperial Hotel - also moved quite a l-o-n-g distance from its original location.

Of course, Frank Lloyd Wright's remains were exhumed, cremated, and relocated ... but that can be another discussion. ;-)

What other of Wright's buildings - in whole or in part - have been disassembled and relocated? DOES THIS NEED TO BE ANOTHER THREAD?

Mike ... to save costs, maybe you could simply disassemble, relocate, and preserve the original McCartney house only and sell the rest block by block and piece by piece on ebay to help cover the expense of relocation?
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Post by Wrightgeek »


Since you asked the question, the Gordon Residence in Oregon was moved from it's original location to a botanical garden in order to prevent it's demolition.

And both the Duncan Residence, in Lisle, IL, and the Jackson Residence, in Madison, WI, two Erdman prefabs, were moved from their original locations and reconstructed as well.

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Post by Healeyjet »

Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what it would cost to attempt such an undertaking as dismantling and rebuilding a house?

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Post by dkottum »

Why not build a replica and save dismantling, moving, and restoration costs? There is little of the Usonian materials, primarily masonry, wood, glass, that is unique.

Doug K

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Post by PrairieMod »

I have to agree that moving the house should be an absolute last resort. A big part of McCartney's importance and uniqueness is as part of the Parkwyn Village collection of Wright houses that it it connected to. Separating it from this Wright-conceived community would lessen both the house and whole Village.

I want to believe that there will eventually be the right owner to come along and both appreciate and preserve the home where it's at. It's not a lost cause....yet.

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