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willey house web site

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2006 4:20 pm
by fan
"Was Willey a masterpiece? Absolutely! "

It is a masterpiece!

willey house web site

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 1:32 pm
by fan
Willey house flip book found at Taliesin book store ... ?sku=10204

Cousin Nan

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 10:51 pm
by D. Shawn Beckwith
To understand the Willey house you need to have some information to bring it into context. Steve has raised the Bar quite high on the restoration and the documentation our family is honored.

Nancy Willey was my grandmothers cousin. Cousin Nan would visit us in the Adirondacks for the hoildays and we would spend time with her in Sag Harbor, Long Island during the summers. She would often make references to life with her experiences in "Gardenwall" ( the name of the Willey house). Nancys mother Aunt Annie, an Artist was instramental in shaping Cousin Nan's view on life. Cousin Nan grew up with suffrage. Cousin Nan was well schooled and progressively liberal. Malcom was a professor at the college in Minneapolis. I believe Cousin Nan attended the famous "Princeton Lecture" series when it went through Minneapolis in 1930 +/-. She did read his autobiography and wrote to FLW in 1932 Which is quoted in the Rosenbaum book Usionia. Cousin Nan was upset when Lief sold ( we presume) the interview she conducted with him in Florida which ended up verbatim as a chapter in the Rosenbaum book. Cousin Nan though beside her self regarding this unauthorized publication of her works did mention to me prior to her departure that for so many years she wanted people to know the inner peace she felt living in the house. How spacious it was with the connection to nature, with the glass walls and how the house would sooth the elan vital , the soul after a busy day. Cousin Nan fell in love with Taliesin when they visited to plan the house. Yes she did want the same triangular windows next to the chimney as Taliesin. Cousin Nan would do dishes but she was practical, ergonomically concientious and frugal with time when it came to chores. Lets make them easy and get them done effeciently so we have more time for our selves and our interests. There are many new ideas here, FLW was changing his tune, he had to he had no work, the country was in despair. He saw in this progessively liberal, naturalistic, preservationist minded couple a market. Malcom was performing research in recent social trends in the United States for the Presidents Research Comittee on Social Trends. FLW and Malcom talked a lot about the automobile and Broadacre. Nancy desired the house so much she took on the role as Project Manager. She corresponded with FLW and Mr. Taffel and Mr.Masselink ALL THE TIME. The correspondences between the two are voluminious and aboslutely remarkable. In reading them you see a different side of the Architect client relationship. Cousin Nan was a remarkable person I wish more of you could have met her.

Steves talents definately show throught in the website. On a side note here shortly there will be a comprehensive website showing the restoration of the Burton J. Westcott House I had the pleasure being part of and project managed for the last three years.

D. Shawn Beckwith

Project Manager The Burton J. Westcott House

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