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unity temple interior

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:18 am
by Wrighter ... ees20.html

This is a link to an interesting photo of the "guts" of unity temple. The shot appears to be of the space above the skylights in the worship side of the building.

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2006 11:21 am
by Wrighter

I should have added this link, to the photographer's web page, on which two photos of that space appear, but in better color.


[color=green]Exhibitions at Unity Temple & Chgo.Cultural

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2006 12:56 am
by Unity Temple
The photographs are the areas above the laylights.

Members of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy & Unity Temple Restoration Foundation are invited to attend opening receptions for simultaneous exhibitions of the work of Dutch artist Jan Theun van Rees at Unity Temple and the Chicago Cultural Center.

Please call Unity Temple Restoration Foundation to RSVP at 708-383-8873 or e-mail

Chicago Cultural Center Opening: Friday January 27th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

78 East Washington Street, Chicago

Unity Temple Opening: Saturday January 28th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

875 Lake Street, Oak Park


Dutch Artist at Frank Lloyd Wright