Most Liveable Wright Home?

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owner occupied

Post by KevinW »

In addition rgrant's list;

Gladys Wright is 103 and still in her Arizona home (as of december 2005)

The Walton Home in Modesto

The Berger Home is still in the family, although Gloria had to leave her home in 2004 for health reasons. It is currently being rented.

Although Buck Fawcett sold his farm recently, he still owns the 80 acres the house is on.

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Post by KevinW »

Anonymous wrote:My Liebermeister AGG, I was able to find four views of the Allan M. Paul House by AGG in the October 1959 House Beautiful. It is amazing what may be done with simple materials on a good site, in the hands of a talented architect who truly understands organic principles. Would you know of a link or publication where we could get a look at the plan and more details for this house?

I have great interest in very small houses of exceptional design and liveability, with hope that the concept is not extinct.

Doug Kottum, Battle Lake, MN


I have pictures and I used to look at the original plans when I worked for Aaron. I wish I would have made some copies, I will see what I can do. I know the house so well, I could probably draw a plan that would be pretty accurate. Aaron was so great, he and a few other former apprentices pretty much built the place, Mr. Paul remembers Aaron driving up one saturday afternoon when the house was being built with a steel beam in the back of a truck, to support the cantilevering living room.

If I may, heres another little story, Aaron drove Wright down from their San Francisco office to see the Pauls, Mr. Wright apparently was very pleased with Aaron's work. Mr. Paul asked Wright...well what do you think? Wright said to Mr. Paul, "Well this wont hurt our reputation one bit".

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Post by Billbowie »

I am new to the list so please excuse this tardy reply... Of the houses I have had the fortune to go inside... I would say the Ablin house in Bakersfield, CA, partly because the rooms are larger and the halls wider than most Usonians. For examples, in the kids wing the secondary bedrooms were doubled-up for two children each which makes for quite the nice sized modern bedrooms rather than the usual tadpole tail arrangement of sleeping cells barely large enough for a single-sized bed. Plus, the normally narrow gallery was expanded into a children's playroom which is still a more than functional TV room or private space. Not to mention that the house is located on a beautiful private site with a swimming pool on the golf course (even though I detest golf) of the Bakersfield Country Club. The house was sold by the Ablins in the last year to some lucky new owner.

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Jacobs I.

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Jue For

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I have been in many of the Usonians mentioned, and each has its great points. Just to throw another great (and not as well known example) into the mix, I'll vote for the Stuart Richardson house in Glen Ridge, New Jersey

Roderick Grant
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Owned by a past Conservancy President, the Richardson House was open for the 2002 New York Conference. It's a wonderful house which has recently undergone extensive restoration. When the owner had to be removed from the master bedroom of the house on a gurney, he had to be strapped in so the gurney could be tipped on its side to make it through the narrow hallway. Small price to pay for living in a work of art.

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Goetsch- Winkler is for sale as well but in addition to the houses listed as still owned by original owners we need to include Jeane Rubin's and Paul Penfiled's.

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