FLW at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

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Oak Park Jogger
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Response from the V and A to inquiry about the FLW office

Post by Oak Park Jogger »

Thanks for suggesting a contact at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I wrote last night and received the following reply today.

Thank you for writing to me following your recent visit, and I am sorry
you were disappointed to find the Kaufmann Office is no longer on
display. It was the centrepiece of the Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery from
1993 until 2006, but the gallery has now been dismantled to make way
the new Sackler Learning Centre that will open this year. In the long
term we hope to redisplay our twentieth century collections in a new
gallery, and no doubt all or part of the Kaufmann Office will be high
the list to include there. But until then, regrettably we do not have
space to display it. You are not the only visitors to have enquired
about it since the Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery was closed, and we are
aware of how popular the office is with our visitors. We are sorry that
it cannot be viewed at present, and we will take into account the
popularity of the room when we are able to seriously reconsider the
twentieth century gallery displays.

I am pleased that you were able to enjoy the rest of your visit to the
V&A and we look forward to welcoming you back when you are next in

Yours sincerely

Gareth Williams

Perhaps if more of us write the exhibit will reappear sooner.

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Post by SDR »

If one compares the original photos of the office with the color images linked above, the cypress seems to have darkened a good bit -- as could be expected. But I suspect that the finish is not original; though the wood was never stained, of course, a coat of varnish or other glossy material seems to have been applied at some point. Removal of this coating would be comparable to the removal of spurious and damaging layers from an old painting; one could expect to see some improvement in color, I think, and in any event that un-Wrightian shine would be corrected.


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Francis Little House

Post by Wrightgeek »

FYI, in addition to the previously mentioned installation at the Met in New York City and the one in Allentown, PA, there is also a rescued portion of the Francis Little residence that has been installed at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

I was in the Twin Cities this past fall, and as I recall the display I saw was of a hallway or, as FLW referred to it, a gallery, with a built-in banquette of seating along with several leaded glass windows and light fixtures.

While it was the typical look but don't touch type of display, it was enjoyable to see nonetheless.
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Post by SDR »

Thanks. So that's three locations that have portions of the Little residence interiors. I've seen pictures of the Allentown installation, and it looked good.

How many think it's a good idea to have all of one project together if possible, and how many like the idea of spreading it around so that more people can see some of Wright's work ?


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Post by archfan »

Deke wrote:I'm also a fan of reproductions...maybe someday we'll have a "Wrightland" a kind of amusement park of Wright buildings!

I hear that's already happening, but they're calling it Buffalo instead!

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Re: FLW at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

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