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More Duncan House Questions: Deconstruction/Reconstruction

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 12:20 pm
by Eric Saed
Apologies for starting yet another thread about the Duncan house, but, I felt my questions didn't really fit into the other threads.

Engineering and construction are pretty well outside my areas of expertise, so I've always admired those who understand the processes.

Since the Duncan house was one of the Erdman Prefabs, was the process of disassembling the house less difficult than it would be for a conventional house-move? Did those who disassembled it consult with those who moved the Jackson Prefab 20 years ago? Or, was it a reverse process of putting it together from Erdman's instructions? How would one compare the complexity of this move to that of the Pope house? To what extent was the house deconstructed- was it taken down "board by board" or was it sectioned, like a conventional house would be moved?

What was the ballpark cost of deconstruction? How about the reconstruction costs?

The masonry core of the house- fireplace, kitchen/family room, etc. - was that deconstructed and moved as well, or, was it built new on the Pennsylvania site from original plans? Was anything else (aside from foundation and footings, of course) built new, or was the house a complete reconstruction?