Polymath resort Acme Pa. (Duncan House)

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Polymath resort Acme Pa. (Duncan House)

Post by watersfallingpa3 »

I visited the Ligoner area of western Pa. over the weekend and thought Id take a ride up too see the fairly new Polymath Resort which houses three FLW homes. All available to stay in over night and to tour. The area is Called Acme ,Pa .off the Pa. turnpike exit 91 then to route 31.The resort sets off the main road so it is very difficult to view. But you can see the other two FLW homes on the land with a telephoto lense. I was all ready to take pics but its just to far in to the resort and the trees were to dense .It will be opeing in the first week of June .I was able to find out. Exteriors of the Duncan house are almost complete and I was told that the interior work is almost finished. Fabrics, Furniture, accessories. Etc.This house was moved from Illinois. and transfered to Pa. I will let you know what the house looks like when I tour it In June . Im hoping to be one of the first to tour.

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Post by Reidy »

I think this is the Friedman house, late of Bannockburn IL. Duncan has always been in Oregon, though it was moved to a park a few years ago.

Their site (http://www.polymathpark.com/) claims only one Wright house (though they say it's Duncan, too).

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Post by DRN »

Duncan is correct as the name for the Erdman Pre-fab dismantled and relocated to western Pennsylvania.

The Gordon house was the two story CMU and wood frame house in Oregon, which was relocated (except for masonry and slab) to The Oregon Garden, a botanical garden.

Ed Jarolin
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Post by Ed Jarolin »

As far as I know Friedman is still in Bannockburn. It did come very close to being the victim of a teardown in 2001, but was saved at the last minute.

Duncan was moved from Lisle, IL to make room for several McMansions.

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Post by Richard »

The Friedman house is still in Bannockburn. I was by it a few months ago.

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Polymath Park

Post by Wrightgeek »

The other two homes that were built at Polymath Park were of course not designed by FLW, but by an apprentice.

I believe that his name was Peter Berendt (spelling?), and I think that the houses were built in the early-to-mid 1960's.

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Post by Forest »

The apprentice's name was Peter Berndtson. He was an early apprentice at Taliesin and served as the supervising apprentice on Auldbrass Plantation. He practiced in the Pittsburgh area from the late 1930's until 1972. He completed about 30 buildings in Pennsylvania. His former wife was Cornelia Brierly, also a Taliesin apprentice who worked with him in Pittsburgh until the 1950's. Indira Berndtson, one of their daughters, works in the Taliesin archives.

The Balter house at Polymath Park was built in 1964, and the Blum house was built in 1965. The are clearly not Wright buildings, nor based on any of his projects. The buildings that Peter and Cornelia designed are Usonian gems.

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Post by Wrightgeek »


Thanks so much for correcting my previous post, and for adding the very interesting additional information.

I have seen photos of the 2 houses at Polymoth Park, and they look quite interesting. I hope to have the opportunity to see all 3 buildings there sometime in the not too distant future.

Thanks again.

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