Legacy Program is History

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Legacy Program is History

Post by pharding »

According to an informed source the FLW Foundation is abandoning the Legacy Program. I commend the FLW Foundation having the courage to reverse course on a long standing program that most architects and architectural educators thought was misguided and bizarre. Hopefully fresh, objective thinking will continue to move this important organization forward. Personally I believe that the FLW Foundation is capable of undergoing a renaissance and assuming a respected, leadership position in the architectural profession on an international level.
Paul Harding FAIA Owner and Restoration Architect for FLW's 1901 E. Arthur Davenport House, the First Prairie School House in Chicago | www.harding.com | LinkedIn

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

Apparently, the Fellowship is also on the way out. There are about 18 old-timers left, all dating back to the old man, himself. Taliesin has decided that after they're gone, that's it. Considering the contributions they have made to Taliesin and the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright, it certainly is fair to take care of them. Also there is talk about broadening the function of the Foundation; Gerry Morosco is even giving consideration to such long-established foundations as Yado and The MacDowell Foundation which serve as retreats for artists. Perhaps "the dawn has broke." But I still think they have a long way to go to make the school viable.

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Post by dkottum »

Is the future of the Taliesins and the legacy of FLLW so foggy that we are resorting to brainstorming for an adaptive use strategy? Artist's retreat? An institution respected by the achitectural profession?

Wright designed the Taliesins to provide for the residence and apprenticeship of architects who could reject long-standing and accepted architectural standards, and apply his theories of architectural practice. Those theories led to constant experimentation, creative thought, and furthering architecture as an art.

We have had the Olga years, and the Fellowship years. FLLW is long gone, but his facility, papers, and ideas are intact. As long as we are brainstorming, I would suggest the Taliesins be preserved and accessible to the public as an historic and educational resource, and a unique school of architecture, based on Wrightian principles as applied to today's challenges, be provided. The imagination and excitement of youth, given opportunity, will give direction and leadership.

Doug Kottom, Battle Lake, MN

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Post by JimM »

I think we forget that the whole school/fellowship scenario was purely a "survival" move on Wright's part, and certainly an agenda driven one on Olga's.

Both situations are moot at this point in time, but if the Foundation eventually can morph into a center of study for the legacy, archives, conference center, whatever, on some level, that would be fantastic..... but I still see no purpose for the school. Sorry.

outside in
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Post by outside in »

Mr. Kottom,

I wholeheartedly agree with your vision - the problem is there is NO ONE at the organization that shares that vision, or can even imagine it. There's a saying here - something about leading a horse to water......

IF the board were comprised of true thinkers, who had the where with all to enact some of these plans, it would help, but unfortunately the FLW Foundation has failed miserably at attracting the "right" people - those who do look to the future (Vern Swabeck, for example) leave out of frustration. It will be a long, long time before things change.......

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