Dealing with visitors in this time of COVID

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Re: Dealing with visitors in this time of COVID

Post by KevinW »

I sit on the terrace in a bathrobe with a shotgun...any Architectural lookie lous are met with.."Go on now..GIT!"

Roderick Grant
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Re: Dealing with visitors in this time of COVID

Post by Roderick Grant »

Jay, I neither said nor implied that looking for a vaccine is a waste of time, generally speaking, but that, considering how previous and ongoing attempts to find vaccines for coronaviruses have failed utterly, to suggest that a vaccine might be available by the end of the year, as the CDC has, is not a useful message. Nor have I implied that allowing people to die while we wait for the pandemic to exhaust itself should be policy. Yet it may be inevitable. Nor is it just the people dealing with the illness who are threatened by death by poverty; everyone who ends up without survival means is subject to an unhappy end.

Perhaps I make assumptions about (as SDR would say) people reading between the lines. The US has an estimated population of 329,000,000 people as of 2020. They come from every square foot of every habitable part of the globe. Making generalizations about such a diverse population as a collection of individuals is pointless. By stating that things were better in the past, I assumed, perhaps unreasonably, that it would be understood that it meant the public and political life. Maybe we who are not part of a downtrodden subgroup were living in a fool's paradise, but the political world, probably because Al Gore had yet to invent the Internet, was not the toxic place it has become, starting in the early 60s and continuing to the present. One can hope we come to terms with the Digital Age, but I suspect I won't be around to see that happen, whether it is by COVID-19 or being hit by a bus.

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Re: Dealing with visitors in this time of COVID

Post by jay »

Roderick, ... d-n1150091

If you start from the premise that a vaccine won't be found, or science won't make big advancements in treatment in the medium-term, then you quickly find your "logic" in the field of: "herd immunity is the only answer / mass infections are inevitable / you can't save the people anyway so you might as well save the economy / etc etc". This is completely baseless logic. Baseless because it is not based in fact whatsoever. Nobody knows what science will deliver in the future; not when nor where nor how. Therefore, all people need to avoid getting sick right now, to allow time to reveal what advancements might be made.... It is way too early to suggest that putting children or younger people into harm's way is somehow what we need to do.... Just a total disgrace.

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