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eBay: Bob Beharka designed item

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:21 pm
by DavidC

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:00 pm
by KevinW
This was Bob's form and template for his small shallow Wright planter. Just might bid on this.

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 3:37 pm
by SDR
This was posted here recently, and I was wondering how it was used, Kevin. Does it produce a mold, or a ready-to-fire workpiece ? Is it shown with a workpiece in place ? Does it leave a center hole, and is that an issue ?


Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:06 pm
by KevinW
It is the template for the bowl portion of the prairie planter, square with the shallow bowl in the center. Base will have to be recreated. It is for lightweight concrete, poured in form, swivel mechanism shapes underside.
Got it..made an offer and was accepted. Picking it u tomorrow

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 5:21 pm
by SDR
Excellent. It belongs in your Beharka collection for sure ...

Anything new at the house ? I always like to see your photos !