George Blossom House Kenwood, Chicago 1892

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Leave them on the street as advertising, and open a retro café/spa with hot and cold plunges in the grease pits . . . I guess.


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Roderick Grant wrote:But what would one do with a pair of 1960 Pontiac Catalinas?
Install heavy duty sump pumps in the pits to keep them from filling up with oil.

Oak Park Jogger
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About 45 years ago I lived just east of the Blossom House, and walked past it every day on my way to work. The garage apartment was occupied by students, and was a source of great curiosity. I really envied anyone who could live in that fascinating space, and wished it was me!

A few years ago the Blossom and MacArthur were opened to a Conservancy tour, that I attended. The Blossom garage was, to say the least, rather primitive, with an awkward layout that included a tiny, narrow bathroom with the toilet not just down the hall, but down a flight of stairs. It gave new meaning to the phrase "Hyde Park Dump" that was the way many apartments in the neighborhood were described by insolvent graduate students who had, nevertheless, to live in Hyde Park. But, if it got an interior renovation that made it a place one could actually live with modern conveniences--you know, a bathroom with all the accoutrements in one place, a kitchen that didn't make you fear botulism, etc., it'd still be tempting to me now!!!

A real highpoint of that tour was sitting in the living room of Blossom with John Thorpe as he rattled off story after story of Wright related renovations. Too bad no one thought to record him. . . . .

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I think the Blossom garage, if sensitively renovated inside and restored on its exterior, would be a slick Tiny house, Granny flat, or Boomerang suite.

Roderick Grant
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I remodeled Blossom Garage years ago ... in my head. It would be a difficult job, but even leaving a single-car garage, it could be done well.

I also remodeled the neighboring McArthur garage/servants' quarters into a residence. That was easier, since, at 26'1"x49'6", it is much more capacious.

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time to get out the sketch pads! Note:the bathroom is actually accessed from the main room, not the kitchen.


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I'm afraid my involvement ended when they got the bids from the contractor. I really have no idea what happened on the inside of the house. They used our drawings for the building permit, but beyond that we were not involved.

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Post by Tom »

I don't have it immediately to hand but in his book 'Wrightscapes' Aguar gives
a very appealing analysis of this house and the one across the street.
At first glance most of what one sees in Palladio, but reading Aguar it's almost
as if Palladio disappears.
I remember finding it instructive.

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