Poll concerning Trump Donghia thread

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Poll concerning Trump Donghia thread

Post by peterm »

Should peterm discontinue contributing political related posts to the Trump Donghia thread?

If more than 50% wish it to stop, it will be honored.



It doesn't matter

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Post by peterm »

(I've never set up one of these polls, so I'm not sure that I've done it properly.)

The reason I'm only including myself in this poll is because many others have contributed to the thread and I wouldn't want to limit anyone else's ability to speak their minds. If no one responds to the poll questions, I will assume that it will be tolerated and we all may continue.

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

You know what it means to assume....

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Post by peterm »

Rood cast one vote for stopping, but on another thread. (For future reference, it might be easier to put the votes here.)

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Post by wrightasrain »

I'm for stopping this counter productive discussion on an architecture chat site. Save it for a personal blog, Facebook, or other more appropriate forum.

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Post by KevinW »

I vote for it to end.

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Post by DavidC »

I haven't posted on here for the last six months in largest part due to the non-stop 'politc-ing'. I am perfectly able to turn on the TV, hop online, listen to the radio, pick up a newspaper, etc. and get my fill of the unfailingly endless spew of it coming from all sides. What I can't do at any of those venues, though, is find a discussion related to Frank Llloyd Wright. Here has been for me - for the previous 15 years, or thereabouts - one of the few places online I can come to, participate in, and (very) temporarily push political noise and rhetoric aside (an investing-for-retirement website being the only other spot - a place where they strictly forbid politics to enter).

Also, the thought of deciding by 'poll' is rather spurious, given that there is no telling how many folks here have already left, choosen not to participate at all or were turned off before even starting - due to the inexhaustable stream of politics.


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Post by PrairieMod »

I'd like to see it end, too. Let's get back to Frank Lloyd Wright and architecture.

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Post by DRN »

I occasionally look at the Trump thread, particularly if there has been a larger than normal kerfuffle in the headlines, and once in a while I find the links posted by both sides of the debate of interest. However I am indifferent to its continuing on Chat.

If others are this upset by a single thread's presence on Chat, I'd suggest the debate shift offline to a group of interested parties emailing one another directly...reply to all.

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Trump Donghia thread

Post by josquin »

I feel the Trump Donghia thread is not appropriate for Wright Chat. I've always looked to Wright Chat as a place to read and discuss Wright and architecture related posts. There are plenty of forums for political discussions, but only one Wright Chat.

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Post by peterm »

Craig votes for it to end, from another thread.

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Post by jmcnally »

I don't bother reading that thread. I looked into it when it was first posted, and learned its true nature.

I prefer to keep politics off an architecture site, so I would vote "stop," but even if all the posts turned political I would merely avoid coming here.

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Post by SREcklund »

I would vote stop, but it's just one thread and easily ignored by the rest of us. These are uniquely troubling times, and maybe that justifies what might otherwise not be accepted.
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"Youth is a circumstance you can't do anything about. The trick is to grow up without getting old." - Frank Lloyd Wright

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Post by SDR »

I suppose that each of us sees the world (at least a little) differently; I sometimes wonder that anyone can see eye to eye with anyone else, much less cooperate as members of a society for common ends. It has been said that we now, as a nation (this may be an international trend ?) tend to be more isolated that were previous generations; going to the movies, town meetings, group activities have all declined, with solitary amusements replacing those which encourage "community." We don't know -- or care to know -- our neighbors.

Other behaviors are on the rise. Pedestrians make little room for others, whom they largely ignore. Motorists vent pique by hitting the horn -- for the least little bit of delay in pursuing "their day."

I privately conclude that those who express distaste for political discussion are either made nervous by it, or are of a different political persuasion from the most prominent voices on a given quorum. That said, it would be useless to deny that the purpose and intent of the Wright Chat forum is something other than the discussion of the day's events, as important as they may be. For all I know, everyone here besides me gets their Internet social jollies on Facebook or other sites.

So, I have no objection whatever to saying goodbye to Trump and his interior decorator. Soon enough we may all wish we had done a lot more talking, rather than less -- but my pleasure is discussing and seeing the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and company.


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Post by Duncan »

Yes please lets not ruin this site with politics of any persuasion. It may be important but there are a million sites to do that on, and only one Wright chat intended to, well, chat about Wright and his architecture.

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