What Wright thing haven't you done yet?

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What Wright thing haven't you done yet?

Post by Tim »

I've seen hundreds of Wright houses and structures. I've been inside many of them too.

I've read most of the Wright books out there.

My Wright bucket list ...

Visit/ tour the Hanna House

Visit/ tour the Lloyd Lewis House (I work near it, but you cannot see it from the road)

Spend the night in a Wright house (with my family)

What's on your Wright bucket list?

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Post by peterm »

Visit Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob, Teater's Knoll, the Usonia houses in Pkeasantville, NY, that great house in New Mexico (name?)

Lamberson house bucket list:

Finish roof details

complete fireplace and chimney restoration

build outdoor terrace bench

install new boiler

more tree planting
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Post by Reidy »

I've done all of Tim's (but didn't bring a family for the overnights). I have yet to see Florida Southern and to spend the high rollers' weekend at Fallingwater.

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Re: What Wright thing haven't you done yet?

Post by SREcklund »

Tim wrote:What's on your Wright bucket list?
I think what we've done can be a function of our opportunity. I've toured Hanna twice, for example, but I live in California ...

As for me ... I want to tour Beth Sholom (plan to when I'm in NYC for the FLWBC Conference) and see the renovated Unity Temple. Florida Southern was on the list, but I'll be there in two weeks, so ...

My last to are a little more of a stretch. I want to find a position at Wright site that will allow me to retire from by current job, and to one day own a usonian.
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Post by Craig »

I've toured two of the Wright textile block houses in LA - Freeman and Ennis. I'd love to see the other two someday...

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Post by Tim »

I'd love to build a modern Usonian. 1200SF, 2 bds, 2 bth, 1 hobby room, large kitchen/dining/living, carport.

The back would be all glass and have a nice view.

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

I would like to own 365 houses and move from one to another every day of the year, plus a quarter time share for leap years.

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Post by Tim »

I do that for 180 days a year. It sucks

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Post by JChoate »

Given your elaborate plan, there would be the occasional occurrence where you found yourself thinking, "Now, where did I put that thing?" and you would be hard pressed to remember in which of your 365 houses you left it.

Roderick Grant
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Post by Roderick Grant »

I would have a hard time remembering which house to go to next.

Actually, Tim, I wouldn't travel by train, plane or automobile from place to place, but as I slept in the master bedroom of Taliesin, I would be wafted by fairy dust to the master bedroom of La Miniatura, thence to Fallingwater, etc.

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Post by SDR »

Ah -- perfection: waking up in a different Wright bedroom each morning, and rising to explore. Kudos to Roderick for superior imagination !


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Post by jay »

It's pretty neat that a handful of FLLW houses are becoming available to rent overnight... I've only stayed in one, and hope the future allows more of those experiences.

I think what's peculiar, at least in my thinking, is that FLLW houses are built for the "ever-changing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year", and that trying to get a first-hand understanding of that aspect is pretty difficult (unless you own one of his houses)... So being able to rent one of his houses, on a short term basis, seems like a pretty excellent opportunity to get closer to the master's work.

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Post by jmcnally »

Arizona & Marin County

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Post by Tom »

Yeah, I want to stay in the Palmer House in Ann Arbor and the Schwartz House in Two Rivers.

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Post by DRN »

What a fun topic!

I'd like to:
-visit the LA area work
-see a show in a restored Kalita Humphries
-spend a night or two in a brick and board & batten Usonian....Schwartz seems to be the one possibility at this point
- experience the interior of Goetsch-Winckler, Baird, and the original Sondern living room

Closer to home:
-repaint the master bedroom CMU to its original color
-replace the bedroom #2 and master bedroom ceilings and insulation, as well as have their window screens fabricated and installed...i.e. finish my work on the Sweeton house proper
-focus on the landscaping
-build the detached garage I'm endlessly toying with....and find an Avanti to put in it (or, if prices for Avanti's escalate beyond reach, maybe scratch that Corvair itch I've had.)

If I hit the PowerBall:
-buy my neighbor to the North's house and lot; consolidate the lot with Sweeton's; tear down the neighbor's house and construct Wright's unbuilt William Clifton house as a guest house and something nice to see from Sweeton when the leaves are off the trees and brush.

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